Fitting & Tools

When it comes to the proper installation of home pipe insulation, only a few simple and inexpensive tools and accessories are needed.

  • Pipe Caliper: to measure the outside diameter of your pipes.
  • Insulation Knife: required to cut the insulation cleanly and properly to the determined length.
  • Insulation Mastic: This mild adhesive secures the insulation to the pipe.
  • Chip Brush: We recommend using a Chip Brush to evenly apply the Mastic.
  • Tape: You will need either ASJ Tape or Closed Cell Rubber, depending upon the type of insulation being installed.

Please Note: Before purchasing pipe insulation for your home, you’ll need to determine the correct size of all water pipes in your basement. The most accurate way to do this is with a Pipe Caliper.

Alternately, you can use a cloth tape measure. Using a flexible, soft or cloth tape measure, simply wrap the tape measure around the pipe until the ends meet to obtain the pipe.

A length of string may also be used. The String Method of measuring pipe diameter is the same as with a soft or cloth measuring tape; wrap a piece of string around the pipe, mark the string where it met the end, then lay the string down on a flat surface, and using a tape measure or ruler, measure the string from the end, to the mark.

Now, divide the circumference by 3.14159, and the resulting number is the Outside Diameter of the pipe.  You now have the measurement for the Outside Diameter of the pipe.

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